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Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Coverage starts at 4PM with Ice Skating

Opening Ceremonies start at 8PM


All Night Specials 1/2 price beer on tap

$6 House Wine

$6 Rail Drinks

Go for the Gold Cocktail (vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemonade, apple juice, sparkling wine)

Appetizer Menu:

Meatball Martinis, Sausage Bombs, McAllister Chili, Shrimp Bouillabaisse, My Bread, Pasta Bowls


Super Bowl Party

Coverage starts at 11:30AM with Pre-Game Show

Opening Ceremonies start at 8PM


$8 Menu:
meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, empanadas, loaded nachos, tacos, spicy sweet pepper poppers, mac & cheese, McAllister chili

Pre-Game Specials and Halftime Specials
Rail Drinks $6
House Wine $6
Draft Beer $2 off
Orange Crush $5
Bourbon Slushy $6

1st Quarter Special: 1/2 price draft beer, $6 House Wine
2nd Quarter Special: $5 Orange Crush
3rd Quarter Special: $2 off Draft Beer
4th Quarter Special: $5 Rail Drinks

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